William Goodrich Jones State Forest
1328 FM Rd 1488
United States
-95° -95' 58.3716" N 30° 30' 6.4644000000001" W

W.G. Jones State Forest is one of the nation’s largest working urban forests. The primary purpose of this forest is resource education. Sound scientific forest management that protects and perpetuates native flora and fauna is practiced. Demonstration and research areas have been installed to test various forest management techniques, forest genetics, and forest product utilization studies. 


Jones State Forest is surrounded  by Conroe, The Woodlands and unincorporated Montgomery county on all sides. Each year, approximately 80,000 people visit the forest. Users include schools, youth organizations, higher education institutions, landowners, community members and groups, science researchers, and various professional groups.

The forest’s location and special ecological distinctiveness makes it one of the region’s unique resources for showcasing research and demonstration in urban forestry issues, environmental education, atmospheric studies, and a host of other opportunities with tomorrow’s leaders, improving communities’ health and outdoor nature connections, and connecting diverse community members to the benefits of natural resource conservation through continuing education.

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