Million Mile Month


The Million Mile Month is a catalyst to help get folks outside and active.​ Ideal for organizations ​looking for a free, proven, and easy to administer program to engage the health and wellness of your employees​/members ​this April​.​

Please consider participating in the Million Mile Month™, along with almost 200 organizations such as the City of Austin, Austin ISD, BCBSTX, St. David’s HealthCare, Dun & Bradstreet, Frost Bank, Timex and Silicon Labs.

​ In 2015 folks participated from 48 states and 13 countries.​

The Million Mile Month is designed to engage employees​/members​, and their families, in a critical cause, their health, through a fun collective goal of achieving one million miles of physical activity, together as a global community.

Participation is simple, merely:

1. Check out the 2-minute video, to see if the Million Month is right for ​y​our organization.

2. Complete the brief form to set up your organization. When your employees​/members​register they will be able to select you when they sign on​; ​this will provide your own private organization leaderboard. We can even break it out by departments, just provide us that listing on an excel spreadsheet. (For example, Dun & Bradstreet provided a list by geographic location while the City of Austin provided a list of all their departments.)

3. You, or your designated HR/wellness lead, will receive emails with info to help implement the Million Mile Month. BTW, please see the materials in the Implementation guide. Several HR/wellness leads have said “wow, you’ve answered all my questions just with the video and guide. Yes it is that simple.

Together- let's go a million miles for health!

You can find parks, trails, and places to get active outdoors at